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Hey, this is Charles, the guy behind Writing To Riches

Before we get started, let me ask you two questions...1. How different would your life be if you were receiving payouts like this every week?

2. What about payments for invoices like this every month?

I really hate "flexing" with earnings screenshots, but it's important to know who I am and what I do.People often can't believe that I earn this much as a writer.When they hear "writer", they think "broke", and there's good reason for that.Most writers fit the "starving artist" stereotype.My goal with this community is making sure you're not one of them.Here's everything you need to know...

What Have Members Had To Say?

I have about 25 more of those screenshots, but I think you get the point.

What's Included?

  • A weekly in-depth writing/marketing/sales essay written by me

  • A space where others members and I answer your questions and critique your writing

  • A "members area" space where you can create content, share wins, and interact with other writers

  • A "quick hitters" space for nearly-daily short essays (written by me) that are useful but don't deserve 2000+ words of content

  • Retweets and Instagram story reposts for recommending or reviewing the community + an affiliate link for 50% recurring commissions

What Are The Benefits?

  • Getting the up-to-date instruction that courses can't deliver

  • Getting the advanced tactics that free content doesn't teach

  • The opportunity to network with and learn from other writers

  • The opportunity to have your most burning questions answered

  • Getting instruction specifically for writers (not marketers in general)

  • Social media exposure and recurring affiliate commissions for recommending the community to others

  • Great deals when you buy a longer membership upfront (18% off for the quarterly plan and 4 free months for the yearly)

Who Are You Learning From?

  • I've been freelance writing for over 3 years

  • I charge an hourly rate that is 5-10x most freelancers

  • I organically built an 80,000 follower info brand in under 2 years

  • I turned both of those into $100K per year income streams

  • I also grew both in extremely competitive niches

Why Join Now?

  • The membership fees you see today will rise by roughly 30% on November 30th

  • They will continue to rise until the monthly fee is $25, if not more

  • Your rate will stay the same no matter how big and valuable this community becomes

What Will It Look Like In The Future?

  • Better essays

  • Audio and video content

  • Content from other experts, not just me

  • Other experts answering your questions and critiquing your writing

Alright, that's all the logistical stuff.If you're sold already, hit the button below.If not, let's talk a bit about the problems with online education and how this community solves them.

The Problem With Free Content

Free content can be really good, but there's always a catch.That is, whoever is creating it leaves out the best stuff.Why?Because they either have a course to sell you, or they don't want you as competition.This means that you'll always be one step behind.

The Problem With Courses

Courses can also be really good, but they have a weakness.That is, they only cover the basics and what's working right now.Why?Because even if the creator constantly updates that course, you'll probably never see those updates, and if you do, they won't cover the truly in-depth topics that take you to the next level.Plus, you never receive personalized instruction from the creator.This means, again, that you'll always be one step behind.

Our Solution

This community gives you...

  • The foundational information that courses provide

  • The up-to-date information that free content provides

  • The advanced and updated information that courses don't deliver

  • The depth and lack of sales pitches that free content doesn't deliver

  • A built-in system for getting questions answered, writing critiqued, and learning from your peers

  • Finally, you get to join a community that is built just for writers instead of one that focuses on wider topics like all of marketing or lifestyle optimization (it's also hosted on a fantastic platform called Circle, which has a much better user experience than Discord or other common community options)

Free content is great for getting your foot in the door.Courses are great for learning the basics.This community is great for getting the the best of both worlds + an interactive learning experience.

Sample topics for your weekly essay

The "Do It Yourself" Trap

When I started my freelancing practice and educational brand, I decided not to buy any books, courses, consultations, or subscriptions.I was sure that I could do it myself, and I was convinced that this was my best option.Ends up, I did eventually get results.The problem was, for both income streams, it took me roughly 6 months to get any traction at all and over a year to become a legitimate success story.What I realized was this...

  • Buying education is only partially about discovering knowledge

  • The other benefit is saving the 20 hours you'll spend on research

  • And more importantly, the 6-18 months you might waste following a bad plan

Ask yourself...

  • How much is an hour of your time worth?

  • How much will it cost if you waste 20, 100, or 1000 hours?

  • How much are you willing to invest to avoid this "do it yourself" trap?

I really don't want you to waste all that time on trial and error, like I did.If you don't either, then this community is the perfect resource.

It's Time To Make a Decision

Look, nobody likes to part with their hard-earned cash. But think about this:

  • Booking just one client will deliver more value than you pay

  • Creating one viral social media post will deliver more value than you pay

  • Referring just three members will pay for your fees and give you passive income

  • My instruction will help you avoid mistakes and level up faster than you ever could on your own

That means almost no risk and a reward that could legitimately change your life.So, what are you waiting for?Hit the ‘Subscribe’ button below, wait for your invite email from Circle (that's where the community is hosted), and let’s get to work.

Warning: Again, fees for new members will rise to $20 per month on November 30th. Joining today locks in your low lifetime rate.Note: Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds.Disclaimer: Showing my earnings is meant to be aspirational. I do not guarantee that you will see the same kind of success. That will rely on personal effort, the state of the economy, and many other factors. If you're looking for guaranteed income, this community is not for you.